Fundraising marathon in aid of Radju Marija

Radju Marija has just completed two days of special transmissions as part of the fundraising marathon in aid of the radio which raised the sum of €32,886.32. These two days were mainly hosted by the Director of Radju Marija Fr Antoine Borg from 8am to 6pm who kept in touch with our listeners whilst appealing to their generosity. The reception area was open to listeners who visited to leave their donations and to purchase religious articles including the book Il-Qalb tiegħi Tirbaħ, the Radju Marija calendar and Christmas Cards printed by the Radio. The translators of the book Il-Qalb tiegħi Tirbaħ were also invited at the radio and were presented with a copy of the book which has been very positively received.

During these special transmissions Fr Antoine talked to various producers and listeners who shared their experiences of Radju Marija. Regular listeners and new ones who have just joined the large Radju Marija family.

Radju Marija recieved a special visit on Sunday morning from the Auxiliary Bishop Joe Galea-Curmi who celebrated mass in the radio’s chapel. The mass was streamed on the radio’s Facebook page. Prior to mass Mons Joe Galea-Curmi blessed a plaque with the inscription of the prayer composed by Pope John Paul II for Radio Maria. This plaque is now adorning the parapet of the radio building. Mons Galea-Curmi in a short speech reminded the motto of John Paul II, Totus Tuus and hoped that all at Radju Marija strive to belong completely to Mary and he asked for God’s blessing on Radju Marija.

After the blessing all those present prayed John Paul II’s prayer:

Mary, guide us in our major decisions
and give us strength in times of trial
so that we may, with humble courage,
follow the hidden ways of heaven,
keeping faith with God and mankind,
so that we can bring the joyful message of Christ, the Savior,
to the hearts and minds of all.
Mary, guiding star of evangelization, be with us.
Be with Radio Maria as guide, and be its protector.

This plaque was donated by the JP2 Foundation through the President and Founder of the Foundation, Charles Zammit. During 2020 the JP2 Foundation is organizing various activities on the occasion of the 100th year from the birth of Karol Wojtyla and the 30th anniversary of his apostolic visit to Malta with the aim of keeping alive the memory of this great Pope and to make him known amongst new generations.

These two days served as an opportunity for listeners to better understand the extent of the radio’s expenses, licences, electricity bills, salaries and taxes, equipment updates and so much more.

Although the fundraising marathon came to an end at 8pm on Sunday 8th November we would like to remind our listeners that the donations telephone numbers are open all year round and can be found on the DONATE section.

May the Lord keep blessing your generosity dear listeners.

Thank you dear benefactors! Viva Ġesù, Viva Marija, Viva Radju Marija!

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